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Richard Costello is an Arkansas Home Inspector with over 30 years in the home building industry. This expertise results in an objective, thorough, and consistently high quality home inspection. We treat every home with the care as if it were our own.

Home Inspections for Home Sellers

Our Home Inspections for Sellers include:

Home Inspection and More - Home Sellers
  • Residential Building Inspection
  • Inspection Problem Resolution
  • Evaluation of Home Safety
  • Repair Follow Up Inspections

Pre-Listing Home Inspection Benefits

A pre-listing inspection of your home can help you sell it easier, faster, and potentially, more profitably. It is best to address any issues with your home on the front end, rather than wait until the negotiation process, which could result in lower offers, a delayed closing, or worse, a lower final selling price.

  1. Your Home could sell faster!
  2. Your Home could sell for more money!
  3. Buyers won't walk away seeing or thinking there are problems with your house.
  4. Eliminate unresolved repairs that could delay offers.
  5. No 11th hour renegotiations based on the time needed to make home repairs.
  6. You fix only the repairs you want to and unresolved repairs can be reflected / disclosed in the purchase price - taking it off the table as a negotiating tool by the buyer to lower your selling price.
  7. The Inspection Report can be made available as a pdf file link, and could even be included on your listing agent's web site. That way, prospective buyer's can see the report in advance.

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